Intelligent Foundation - enables data collection at every level

April 07, 2016

In today's interconnected world, there are hundreds of networked devices you interact with on a daily basis, from an intelligent thermostat, car, smartphones or computers, to virtually any appliance in your home. Each sensor by itself provides a very small dataset, but the aggregate data produced by all of these devices can be overwhelming. The raw data needs to be combined and enriched to produce new and meaningful information about system under control. The modern data center is no different; there are hundreds or thousands of sensors collecting data every second.

The Emerson Intelligent Foundation enables data collection at every level, collects the data at key aggregation points, enriches the raw data to extract meaningful information, moves the data to application services for consumption, and finally provides a control path for action.

Emerson is bringing cutting edge technologies to bear, such as the Redfish specification proposal recently offered by Dell, Emerson, HP and Intel. Redfish provides a RESTful, modern, secure and simple API and data model for your hardware infrastructure. Emerson's Trellis platform, coupled with Redfish, will consume and evaluate data to enable you to take action in your data center in real time.

This is Intelligent Foundation, an elastic, policy-based control layer. It enables customers with a management ecosystem for sensors, blades, chassis, racks, rows, containers, or even a whole data center. The elements of Intelligent Foundation are purpose built to operate in the configurable control layer like building blocks. These building blocks use modern web services APIs at key control points to allow you to handle complex systems, easily, as a single managed entity. In short, the Intelligent Foundation provides a path to your realization of Software Defined Infrastructure.

What is Redfish?

Redfish is a specification proposal by Dell, Emerson, HP and Intel to replace older industry paradigms like IPMI over LAN. It is the accumulation of more than a year’s worth of clean-room development by some of the brightest minds in the IT hardware and software industry. Redfish provides a common API that allows reusable management practices across the datacenter, and minimizes the overhead created by supporting multiple interfaces and protocols. It is designed to be lean. Redfish utilizes HTTP and RESTful principles for its communication frame work, and a lightweight, human readable schema to model the managed system.

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