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Solid Network Infrastructure Upholds Health information Technology

Posted by Charles Hoeffler on

Healthcare information technology systems including electronic medical records and digital imaging are revolutionizing healthcare by streamlining processes, eliminating waste, improving accuracy and, most importantly, improving patient outcomes.

As these systems become integral to healthcare delivery, their continuous operation becomes increasingly critical. Emerson Network Power's products and services protect your healthcare IT systems, both in the data center and throughout the hospital, to help ensure positive outcomes and doctor satisfaction.


  1. Data Center
    Protect a data center that isn't just critical but life-critical
  2. IT Network
    Maintain electronic patient records, digital images, and the equipment that transmits them
  3. Hospital
    Deliver the IT availability essential for today's digital operating rooms.
  4. Ambulatory Care
    Manage IT infrastructure to support EMR and wireless.


  1. Data Center
    UPS redundancy and thermal management with energy efficient plug fans
  2. IT Network
    Monitored UPS and dedicated thermal management
  3. Hospital
    Centralized UPS with flywheel energy storage for critical loads
  4. Ambulatory Care
    Easy-to-install enclosures with integrated UPS and cooling

Emerson Network Power is trusted by healthcare entities in the US, such as regional hospitals, community hospitals, outpatient centers, laboratory services, imaging clinics and local physician offices to protect their critical applications.

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