New Power Assurance Package for Liebert® APS™

May 12, 2016

Liebert Services is pleased to announce a new Power Assurance Package service offering to support the Liebert APS UPS system. This service bundle further extends the support range of the market leading Power Assurance Package and LIFE Services.

The Liebert APS is a high reliability UPS solution for mission critical "edge of the network" applications delivering features typically found in enterprise UPS systems. The Power Assurance Package for APS extends the total value delivered by Emerson Network Power to address customer needs in distributed IT applications.

The Power Assurance Package provides complete bundled service support. It includes 7/24 Start-up and five years of comprehensive on-site emergency support including full parts and labor coverage. The Power Assurance Package provides peace of mind to IT managers knowing their power systems are properly set-up and fully covered in case of emergency events.

There is also a LIFE Services option for the APS Power Assurance Package. LIFE Services strengthens the support of the Power Assurance Package by providing increased uptime and operational efficiency. Rather than simply reacting to a customer call, LIFE Services enables proactive response to system alarms or anomalies through continuous monitoring and expert analysis. LIFE Services are essential for distributed and often unmanned sites whether in a single building, spread through out a campus or across the country.

These new services can be ordered with the APS on the APS PartnerWeb form. We have also updated selling collateral (Data Sheet and SalesTalk), and the Partner Portal to reflect the new capabilities. Below is a listing of the new services.

The Power Assurance Package for APS delivers the same services as those provided for the Liebert GXT4 and Liebert PSI UPS systems with several key differences.

  • The APS on-site support personnel will be the Liebert Services CE; GXT4/PSI is managed by our certified Service Partner network.
  • Removal and disposal of old UPS systems for APS can be supported by NSSR or locally; GXT4/PSI is handled directly via an orderable SKU and Service Partner management.
  • APS Start-up is initiated per customer request (per standard APS Start-up procedure); for GXT4/PSI the Start-up team contacts the Service provider who contacts the customer.

For more information please contact Electronic Powerhouse