Data Center Operational Efficiency/Reducing Cost

May 26, 2016

While IT has been driving efficiency and productivity across the business, it has been suffering from inefficient processes, capital investments and energy utilization. It’s time to fix that. You’ll save money and increase agility.

The spotlight has been on data center efficiency for more than five years now. Yet, inefficient technologies dominate most facilities, utilization rates remain surprisingly low, and it often takes three weeks and six people to make the simplest decision or change.

The business impact of those inefficiencies goes well beyond the cost of electricity, although that is becoming increasingly significant. Reducing energy and operational costs by half in a midsize data center, a realistic goal with current technologies, can save millions annually.

But the bigger cost may be in the area of agility. An inefficient IT infrastructure is less able to respond to the demands of the business it serves, and that can be crippling. The first step in rectifying that situation is identifying the systems and processes that are draining the energy, both electrical and human, out of your data center.

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