You are in a critical position.

The data center is IT’s most valuable (and expensive) asset, and you are responsible for the day-to-day operation. The demand for your services has grown steadily and so has the complexity of your job. Many professionals in your position have developed a range of ad hoc tools and techniques to manage the physical infrastructure. Unfortunately, all too often these tools are neither comprehensive nor integrated, failing to provide the real-world information needed to accurately plan and execute change.

You need a comprehensive solution.

Your life is complicated enough. Why continue to depend on multiple modules and quick fixes? You need a single, holistic solution capable of providing anall-encompassing view of the detailed information required to effectively manage the entire data center. Anything less will come up short. You need Avocent Data Center Planner.

This comprehensive software solution is a visual infrastructure planning and management tool within Emerson Network Power’s strategic framework for data center optimization. Data Center Planner combines accurate and complete information about device and equipment locations, as well as current capacities and projected growth. Now, with end-to-end device connection visualization and up-to-date power usage information included, Data Center Planner provides the most realistic, current-state view of your physical infrastructure.

With Avocent Data Center Planner, you will gain real-world insight to enhance planning accuracy and rapidly implement changes.

Delivering real-world visualization, insight and management capabilities!

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