A New Way to Get More from Your Liebert GXT

December 09, 2015

The Trellis™ Power Insight Application is the monitoring software for the Liebert® GXT3™, GXT4™, or APM™ UPS systems.

Trellis™ Power Insight Application, the monitoring software for for the Liebert® GXT3™, GXT4™, or APM™ UPS systems, gives you powerful visibility into the status and operation of your power equipment.

It supports up to 25 racks with their upstream power devices, up to 10 critical power infrastructure devices, and can run monthly and weekly reports showing data and trends.

With the Trellis™ Power Insight Application:

  • Monitor Emerson power devices with a web-based app
  • Manage alarms with alerts and notifications
  • Display a system overview dashboard using monitored data
  • Export and print data and charts
  • Globally search for devices
  • Simplified equipment management
  • Immediately identify problems
  • Decrease response time
  • Eliminate manual data collection
  • Simply and clearly explain performance to management


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