Intelligent Paralleling and Circular Redundancy: Two Technologies for Higher UPS Efficiency

January 13, 2016

How can you save more energy with a parallel or modular UPS system? Have you ever thought about it? When thinking about energy efficiency associated with electrical devices, you will certainly be thinking of energy saving modes as a way of improving their energy efficiency. If from electrical devices in general you now focus on Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), you might be thinking of various types of ECO modes depending on UPS technology, size and specific design.

Maybe you didn’t notice while doing so but, in all these cases, you were thinking about single UPS units, that is to say, UPS units that work in stand-alone mode. But is this valid for all UPS units working in this mode? Is this also valid for both monolithic and modular units? And what about situations where units don’t work in stand-alone but in parallel mode?

In the above cases, in order to optimize the energy used by a UPS, Emerson Network Power has developed proprietary technologies named Intelligent Paralleling for monolithic UPS and Circular Redundancy for modular scalable UPS. Both technologies are capable of delivering higher operating system efficiency without compromising reliability and availability.

Through Intelligent Paralleling and Circular Redundancy modes, the UPS will automatically adapt and optimize energy consumption, thus improving the system’s efficiency according to the actual load demand.

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