The Trellis ™ Mobile Suite Update - *NEW*

March 04, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Emerson Network Power has released the latest version of the Trellis™ Mobile Suite application to the Emerson Network Power download site and Apple iTunes store. This new release was developed to bring increased communication security between the client and server with the new Trellis™ Platform 4.0 released in December, 2015.

In order to provide this security, a new Access Key Manager application will need to be used to better manage the security certifications that are part of the new APIs in the Trellis™ release 4.0. Proper setup of the Access Key Manager will be required for the Mobile Suite 4.0 application to connect to a Trellis™ platform 4.0 server.

Note: The Access Key Manager application is not required for Trellis™ platform versions 3.4.1 or 3.4.2.

We are keeping the 3.4.2 version in the App Store so both versions are available. Customers with Trellis™ 3.4.1 servers can keep their current version AND download the Mobile 4.0 version to use with their Trellis™ 4.0 server, thus removing the worry of losing any compatibility.

Trellis™ Mobile Suite Applications Available for Download
Based on the changes that accompany this latest release, it’s important to understand what applications will be available for download.

In summary, there will be three (3) applications:
  • Trellis™ Mobile Suite 3.4.2 which supports the Trellis™ Platform release 3.4.1 and earlier
  • Trellis™ Mobile Suite 4.0 which supports Trellis™ Platform release 4.0 and future releases
  • Access Key Manager which manages the SSL certificates for the Trellis™ Mobile Suite 4.0 application

Getting Application
As with the previous versions of Trellis™ Mobile Suite, you can download the latest release via the Emerson Network Power download site. Click this link to gain access to the latest version of Trellis™ Mobile Suite, the Access Key Manager, and the release notes.

We are pleased to have you as a Trellis™ platform customer and look forward to many more feature enhancements over time.