Battery Replacement - Don't Ccompromise Your Entire Backup Power System

March 02, 2018

Battery Replacement

At Electronic Powerhouse we have seen way too often how a single bad cell in a string of batteries can compromise your entire backup power system and leave you without protection.

That’s why as soon as batteries are placed into service, they should be maintained with a program that identifies system anomalies and trends end of life. This data, along with Electronic Powerhouse's extensive industry experience, allows you to truly understand the health of your batteries and ensure timely, cost-effective replacement.

Battery replacement helps maintain your critical system availability while ensuring you get the most out of your battery investment. When needed, our factory-trained battery specialists will install new batteries following manufacturers’ and IEEE standards. After ensuring alarm-free operation of your UPS, we remove and recycle spent batteries in accordance with all government and industry regulations.

Our battery specialist will also manage any regulatory paperwork required for environmental compliance.

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