Getting a Return on Investment from the Edge

March 29, 2018

The most important number is one...

Power savings, as well as removing the need for a purpose-built data center room are the first savings businesses are likely to realize when moving to the edge, but it doesn’t stop there.

Data centers usually contain a healthy mix of different vendors’ solutions. Dealing with multiple vendors means dealing with multiple quote requests, multiple purchasing agreements, multiple payment terms, and multiple vendor relationships, not all of which are likely to be easy-going – all of which adds up to a lot more time and energy spent at the expense of your business.

Moreover, CFOs and procurement departments are very fond of vendor consolidation, particularly if that vendor can also supply a best-of-breed solution. Edge technology simplifies the purchasing process and there is only ‘one throat to choke’ if something goes wrong.

The edge is ripe for deployment. Businesses that go down this road will understand the ROI the edge can bring, along with a simplified and more agile IT environment to boot. CIOs and IT departments are already being told to become more reactive and are tasked with adopting ‘third platform’ technologies such as mobile, social, cloud and big data.

Changing the way you think about the edge and your company’s entire IT environment can save you time and money and help you turn IT into a center of profit and hub for generating new digital services that meet business objectives.

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