Infrastructure Monitoring, Intelligent Controls and Centralized Management Systems

May 15, 2019

Monitoring & Management

Effectively managing your system starts with visibility and control. Our infrastructure monitoring, intelligent controls and centralized management systems work together to increase equipment availability, utilization and efficiency.

At Electronic Powerhouse we are a Vertiv Diamond Partner and offer you an array or Monitoring and Management solutions.

Product Types 

Desktop KVM and KM

Streamline access to essential business systems and connectivity to multimedia environments via a single keyboard, video and mouse set.

IP KVM Switches

Get single-console control of local or remote servers, ensure true image reproduction among broadcast control room assets, and gain the ability to move computing equipment away from a centralized workspace with switches and extenders that manage IT from virtually any location having an internet connection.

Secure KVM

Securely interact with peripheral sharing devices via certified switches that meet stringent government specifications.

Serial Consoles and Gateways

Access IT equipment remotely without an IP connection to securely configure serial ports, perform upgrades, troubleshoot and more.

IT Management

Access and protect your IT systems with infrastructure management solutions that increase security and efficiency.


Protect power and cooling assets with software products that deliver real-time visibility, flexibility and central management.


Optimize data center operations by using monitoring solutions that provide real-time visibility and control.

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