Integrated Power Solutions for Small Offices

Integrated Power Solutions for Small Offices

April 30, 2021

A Small Office is a climate-controlled environment with air conditioning and limited airflow management in place for human comfort providing limited temperature and humidity optimization for IT equipment.

Small Offices are converted spaces lacking physical security where dedicated thermal and power has not been integrated in to the space.

  • Converted Closet
  • Converted Room
  • General Access Area

Discover expert designed IT infrastructure solutions with proven success in diverse environments and countless applications. Vertiv empowers you to configure a solution to address your customer’s unique business needs either by diving into a specific environment to review solution recommendations or by using the Vertiv Solution Designer to receive expert suggestions based on a specific application.

Reference Designs are recommended solutions for specific applications. Each environment has a list of recommended solutions with various options based not only on the amount of equipment to be deployed but also provides varying levels of power and environmental protection. Select the reference design that most closely matches the customer’s needs and customize to create a one of a kind all-in-one solution.

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