Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Industry-leading efficiency: 92% for transformer-free systems and up to 89.9% for transformer based systems.
  • Scalability that allows you to cost-effectively add power capacity or battery modules as needed.
  • Modular batteries, controls and power components to help reduce maintenance costs with user replacement.
  • Two year hassle-free factory warranty program for repair or replacement of your Liebert APS UPS.
  • Module-level redundancy eliminates the expense of purchasing and planning for additional cabinets.
  • Reduced installation time and cost because units are shipped pre-configured and factory tested, no need for on-site assembly.
  • Everything you need for efficiency and availability in one box: power modules, batteries, maintenance bypass, and distribution in a single, small-footprint cabinet.
  • Integral battery monitoring with temperature compensated charging to prolong battery life and help reduce replacement costs.

Reliability and Serviceability

  • Internal redundancy capability (N+2/20kVA) enhances reliability and provides multiple layers of power protection.
  • No single point of failure - Full redundant design allows the critical load to run on conditioned power if there is a failure of any component in the system.
  • Configurable design allows you to customize the Liebert APS UPS for your desired level of capacity and redundancy.
  • Fault-tolerant design, enables the power, battery and control modules to take themselves offline if there is a problem, without sacrificing overall system integrity.
  • Superior overload capabilities, able to provide conditioned power to temporary overloads without transfers to/from bypass power.
  • Internal wrap-around maintenance bypass and frame-level bypass with independent controls in separate assembly provide higher reliability and availability.


  • Capacity on demand with FlexPower™ core modules that allow you to change capacity as needed in 5 kVA/4.5 kW increments - without powering down.
  • More real kW - 0.9 power factor provides more real power to support the I.T. load than other solutions in this size range.
  • Isolated and non-isolated models to provide the right solution for your power protection needs.
  • Integrated distribution PODs allow selection of a variety of distribution options to meet application requirements.
  • Trellis™ platform connectivity, so the Liebert APS can easily be integrated with this robust, real-time data center optimization solution.
  • Three Liebert Intellislot® ports allow integration and communication with a variety of infrastructure management solutions, leading to better power optimization and visibility.
  • Optional matching external battery cabinets provide longer battery run times to protect against sustained power issues.
  • Installation Flexibility – use on raised floors, traditional flooring, or in rack enclosures.
  • Large input voltage window, which minimizes transfer to battery and increases battery life; low line transfer can range down to 110v.
  • Wide range of use, with the ability to be installed on raised floors, traditional flooring, or in rack enclosures

Ideally Suited For

  • Small-to-medium-sized data centers
  • Network closets
  • VoIP