New Vertive MPX Rack PDU – Power Entry Modules and Power Rail Chassis

January 24, 2018

Available now at Electronic Powerhouse are the new MPX Rack PDU – Power Entry Modules and Power Rail Chassis from Vertiv. Please read below and contact us for any further information.

New Fixed Capacity PEMs:

Six new models of Fixed Capacity PEMs are available, providing a wider range of options for configuring an MPX adaptive rack PDU.

The new Fixed Capacity PEMs with integrated Input Power Cord (IPC) provide additional configuration options where previously a Variable Capacity PEM with a detachable IPC was used. List Prices are the same for new Fixed Capacity PEMs as comparable Variable Capacity PEM plus detachable IPC.

New Power Rail Chassis (PRC) Options:

Six new models of MPX PRCs are available. Options now exist for mounting from 1 to 7 Branch Receptacle Modules (BRMs) and a PEM on a single PRC. These new PRCs provide additional flexibility for a wide variety of applications, including EDGE, COLO, and Hyper-scale environments. All new PRCs are “universal” and will accept any size PEM (220mm or266mm) and the designated number of BRMs. Certain combinations of PEM (220 mm) and BRM will result in a small length of the PRC not being fully covered. All PRCs will now also include an appropriate shorter PRC cover piece for this gap.

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