Surging Demand for Integrated Racks

January 08, 2020

At Electronic Powerhouse we want our customers to know what the advantages are to deploying an integrated rack that goes beyond the zip code where the equipment is shipped.

Electronic Powerhouse is a Diamond Level Partner with Vertiv, the leader of the IT Power Industry.

Let’s examine those:

Speed of deployment: One of the more critical competitive advantages a colocation provider can offer is the speed with which a client can stand up equipment within the data center. Deploying integrated racks accelerates the process in several ways.

The system integrator building the integrated rack typically has ready access to all of the equipment – from rack to server to cables – through a single fulfillment channel. Assembly and configuration usually are faster in a dedicated space as opposed to the data center floor, and installation of a fully assembled, integrated rack is quicker and easier.

Lack of disruption: Assembling and installing a rack is a relatively complex, time-consuming process that requires significant workspace to complete effectively.

Floor space is at a premium in colocation data centers, and finding room to store the disparate pieces and then assemble them when the time is right is a tall order.

Simply sliding in a fully integrated, plug-and-play rack eliminates potential interruptions to adjacent racks and operations. In most cases, the customer doesn’t even have to be there. Also, when the rack is assembled in the data center, it can require coordination among multiple vendors who specialize in rack assembly, cable connections, and all the other details needed before going online.

Reduced packaging materials: You would be surprised how many customers tell us cleaning up and disposing of equipment packaging materials is a severe distraction, waste of time, and unwanted expense. But think about it – when you consider packaging materials for the rack itself, servers, UPS, rack PDU, cables and any other equipment going in the rack, that’s a lot of cardboard, Styrofoam and plastic. With an integrated rack, all of that is managed offsite.

Predictable pricing: With an integrated rack, the invoice is simple – equipment costs and time for the system integrator, all billed together. Buying and installing separately means invoices for every piece of equipment and every vendor involved in installation and setup.

Predictable quality: A single system integrator offers repeatable assembly practices. On-site assembly with multiple vendors expands the number of people involved and increases the opportunities for error.

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