Trellis™ Quick Start Solutions

April 18, 2018

Each solution package is all inclusive and designed to meet your specific business need. It offers low-risk entry point to DCIM software with options to scale. Having a more streamlined and simplified process enables faster user adoption, implementation and ROI.

Best Suited For
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Transportation
Visibility to and management of health and status of available power and cooling systems is critical for ensuring IT availability for all data centers. Finding a centralized monitoring solution that meets the needs of data centers of every size is challenging.
Most monitoring solutions offer a capability that is either a full complement of features, or is lacking some necessary features and capabilities. Businesses are looking for a solution that fits their data center needs both now and in the future, and are not interested in paying for something that is either lacking features or is over-featured for their needs.
Using multiple solutions to get information is cumbersome and inefficient, and will require the information to be stitched together to enable action or planning. Spending time searching for data in spreadsheets or other document formats is time consuming, error-prone and inefficient.


To meet data center needs for right-sized and right-featured monitoring, theTrellis™ data center monitoring solution provides you the software, hardware, and services for monitoring in a complete package. Although it may also be integrated with other Trellis ™modules to create full-featured data center infrastructure management (DCIM), theTrellis™ data center monitoring solution is robust as a stand-alone solution. With theTrellis™ data center monitoring solution, you are able to:
  • Monitor critical power and thermal infrastructure
  • Manage rack PDUsyyMaintain breaker panel schedule
  • Improve Alarm/Notification management
  • Manage capacity, efficiency, and performance with real-time data
  • Manage cooling and power chain
  • Monitor environmental sensors
  • See colorization from sensors and power conditions
  • Provide support in generating reports important to their business