Vertiv Integrated Solutions for the Data Center

Vertiv Integrated Solutions for the Data Center

May 10, 2021

Electronic Powerhouse is a Vertiv Diamond Solution Partner bringing you the newest integrated solution for Data Centers.

Data Centers are climate-controlled environments varying in size with air conditioning and airflow management in place providing temperature and humidity optimization specifically designed for IT equipment.

  1. Complex integrations of diverse multi-vendor products take an extended amount of time to deploy delaying the go live date leading to potential revenue loss.
  2. High density racks with inadequate cooling create hot spots leading to premature equipment failure increasing equipment replacement costs.
  3. Insufficient battery backup needed to support critical equipment during a power outage leads to unplanned downtime.
  4. Technology advancements and changing business needs render equipment obsolete before the scheduled refresh period.


Purpose built physically secure space with thermal and power installed such as:

  • Enterprise Data Center
  • Colocation Data Center
  • Managed Hosting Facility
  • Cloud Data Center

What is Vertiv Integrated Solutions?

The reality of the IT landscape today is that many applications have changed the traditional definition of the data center. The deployment of IT assets occurs not just in a traditional data center, but can now be in a store, clinic, factory, warehouse, or home office. These applications require new solutions to address the different performance, environmental, geographic, and form factor challenges associated with the scale, speed, and complexity of these new environments.

Vertiv provides a framework to support the shift of critical infrastructure closer to the consumer with three key components to empower partners to gain a better understanding of their customer’s unique applications in order to build out optimized infrastructure solutions tailored to unique business needs.
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