Metered PDUs

Improve reliability, energy efficiency, and prevent crippling downtime caused by overloads using Geist’s Metered PDUs. Equipped with local digital displays, our Metered PDUs provide power consumption metrics instantly, ideal for when deploying or moving critical server equipment.

Like all Geist PDUs, our Metered PDUs cater to a wide range of power input and output requirements to distribute 100-240V to multiple outlets. The Metered PDUs are available in various horizontal and vertical configurations to meet your accessibility needs.

Metered Upgradeable PDU

quipped with a digital current meter, the Metered GU PDU provides local load monitoring and helps to avoid potential overloads while providing reliable, rack-mount (zero U, 1U or 2U), multi-locking receptacle, single or three-phase, power distribution from any protected UPS, generator or mains input power source.

Using its Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology, the Metered GU PDU optically transmits power usage data from its LED display to a handheld device, presenting comprehensive real-time power usage data down to the phase and circuit levels. The Metered GU by nature is upgradeable whereby users may hot-swap the Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) to transform their units from a metered to monitored PDU on the fly as requirements become more sophisticated.

Hot-Swappable Units

Add, remove, or switch Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD) without interrupting power to critical servers.

Visible Light Communication (VLC)

Utlizing VLC, the rack PDU offers a wide range of phase and circuit level information made available on a handheld device using the Geist App. This is a one-of-a-kind metered PDU offering such a high level of granularity.  

This information is typically only available via the LED on the Metered PDU. No prior configuration is required to access this data over VLC nor is any physical connection required. With a quick scan, power consumption is available to those who have physical access to the rack and want a quick summary of the unit. This allows users to capture critical data without any dependence on network infrastructure, as there is no need for a network connection or IP address, which greatly diminishes any security concerns.

VLC comes standard and the Geist App is readily available via the Apple and Google Play stores.

Red LED Rotatable Display

Read power data easily in dimly lit areas.

High Temperature Grade

60°C working ambient variants for high temperature environments.

Low Profile Breakers

Geist’s low profile breakers reduce the PDU depth by over 40% compared to traditional breakers. The slimmer design protects against electrical overloads and allows the PDUs to be easily installed in data center cabinets with limited space.

Geist offers low profile breakers as a standard feature on select basic and intelligent PDU configurations. Customers may choose to incorporate the smaller breaker design on applicable custom PDU orders.

U-Lock Receptacles

Geist offers IEC C13 and C19 receptacles with an integrated locking feature built within the receptacle housing. The locking mechanism is protected against vibration and external elements that can easily dislodge external locking clips or guides. This self-contained locking mechanism works with any standard IEC plug. Locking receptacles come standard on some units and are available for custom orders.

Colored Chassis

Geist offers colored chassis options to help data center personnel easily identify the input feed of each PDU, helping create proper load balancing of attached equipment and minimizing error that could lead to accidental downtime.


Random voltage spikes cause irreparable damage to critical equipment. Geist’s Surge suppression power distribution units provide power to connected equipment, utilizing parallel circuitry, for when a surge or spike disables surge suppression.  The surge suppression technology will dissipate up to 720 Joules of energy for protection of line-neutral, line to ground and neutral to ground configurations. 

Geist’s Surge PDUs are available with a local display option in a variety of 15A and 20A /120V NEMA configurations. They are constructed with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel housings so they're durable and long-lasting.

Standard Power Meter

For facilities already equipped with surge protection, Geist offers a non-surge PDU with a local display option.  Geist offers a wide variety of electrical options ranging from 10A to 120A in IEC, NEMA, British, Schuko and mixed configurations. They are constructed with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel housings so they're durable and long-lasting.

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