Powering Your Critical Network Edge

Making your small & remote IT Infrastructure quick to deploy, highly available, and more productive.

When latency becomes a real issue and milliseconds of downtime equals millions in lost revenue, you can rely on Vertiv for reliable mission critical Edge infrastructure.

When designing your data center, it is important to carefully select solutions that you can count on. This core product set will ensure your Edge data center is powered reliably and quickly from the beginning.


The IT landscape continues to change. Trends are driving more and more computing to the "edge of the network". Professionals today are asking what this means to their infrastructure power systems.

Your computing performance depends on resilient, deployable, intelligent, economical POWER at the network edge.

How do we do this?

1. Improve Resiliency

Protect from all electrical disturbances that can rattle your systems and performance - inside or outside the facility.

Depend on true double conversion UPS along with assurance programs for maximum availability.

2. Deploy Rapidly

Be up and running fast with power systems that are both installation ready and have lifecycle support. After all, deployment is about IT readiness from start to finish.

Depend on UPS systems that ship with batteries, software and accessories, plus local startup and disposal services.

3. Utilize Intelligent Control

See critical status and parameters and prevent problems from causing disruptions.

Depend on UPS network communications, environmental site monitoring and DCIM -ready devices to deliver the intelligent control needed for IT edge performance.

4. Manage Cost

Obtain real savings at each IT facility by avoiding unnecessary downtime, improve energy efficiency, lowering staff support costs, and reducing costly service truck rolls.

Depend on Robust ENERGY STAR qualified UPS systems that include 24/7 lifecycle support.

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