The monitoring solutions provided by Vertiv help to prevent this loss to the business and keeps your data center running at peak performance.

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Liebert SiteScan® Web - Centralized Monitoring and Control:

  • Centralized site monitoring
  • Provides real-time monitoring and control
  • Allows alarm/event management
  • Operates compatibly with existing Building Management Systems

Liebert Nform - Centralized Monitoring Software:

  • Centralized monitoring and control of SNMP devices through existing NMS
  • Provides email alerts and local notifications
  • Offers a scalable software solution for businesses of any size

Liebert MultiLink® - Automated Shutdown Software:

  • UPS monitoring software
  • Operates with single computers or large networks
  • Initiates shutdown when needed
  • Supports email, pagers, audio and on-screen notification