EATON True Online Power Protection 9PX2200GRT - UPS - 2200 VA


Eaton 9PX 9PX2200GRT - UPS (rack-mountable / external) - AC 200/208/220/230/240 V - 2000 Watt - 2200 VA - RS-232, USB - output connectors: 10 - 2U - black and silver


Delivering premium backup power and scalable battery runtimes, the Eaton 9PX UPS is the ideal solution for rack and stand-alone installations in harsh electrical and critical applications. With an advanced LCD screen interface and robust power management software, managing a UPS has never been easier with the 9PX - even in virtualized environments. 

9PX UPS (700 VA-11 KVA)

Delivering premium, double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice/data networks and storage systems, the Eaton 9PX UPS is the ideal solution for both rack and stand-alone installations. The 9PX's graphical LCD interface and robust target power management software makes managing your UPS easy - even in virtualized environments. 9PX UPS (700 VA-11 kVA)

You choose: Rack or tower

Products need to work anywhere. The 9PX’s rack or tower form factor makes it adaptable to your environment. (The LCD interface, surrounding bezel and logo even rotate to match your installation.) RT models are available in multiple voltage and wattage variations to meet your needs and include a four-post rail kit.


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Key applications

As a stand-alone, online double-conversion UPS, 9PX rack/ tower (RT) models can withstand harsh electrical environments for a variety of critical applications including IT, edge networks, industrial automation, healthcare and K-12. For edge networks and on-premise installations, Eaton focuses on integration within the virtualized environment. This means you can improve your infrastructure performance through virtual machine (VM) centric management, disaster recovery and validated integration capabilities. 

Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)

By integrating the bundled IPM platform, you can monitor and manage your network power devices. IPM enables you to: 
  • Remotely monitor and manage multiple devices across your network from a single interface; this can be integrated into an existing virtualization platform, such as VMware, Microsoft or Citrix 
  • Suspend non-critical virtual machines, consolidate critical virtual machines and shut down unused servers to extend battery runtime 
  • Set server power consumption limits for extended battery runtime with UCS management software 
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