ITA-2 Three Phase Warranties UPS Battery Backup


Extended Service Agreements for the ITA2 8 & 10Kva UPS along with Maintenance ByPass Cabinet.

As requirements for maintenance protection change, Vertiv anticipates your need for a cost-effective service coverage that encompasses the useful life of your equipment. Hence, Vertiv has developed a service program that supports your mission-critical operations - Extended Warranty Services (XWS). XWS is a risk-free, low-cost approach on equipment maintenance protection. It gives you the best way to lower your total cost of ownership and manage equipment maintenance. 

Key Buying Points

  • Equipment maintenance budget is upfront and predictable - you can buy this service upfront together with the hardware
  • Protects customers from price increases - protects you from any repair and parts price increase; no maintenance expense surprises
  • Priority and easy access to service and support - there's no need for you to undergo tedious admin processes that can delay service
  • Extends the useful life of your purchased equipment - your critical equipment is protected by Vertiv certified service and support experts




Type: Factory Warranties