Liebert APS UPS, 5-20kVA - Computer Power Protection


The Liebert APS UPS is a modular power protection solution for 5–20kVA applications. The UPS provides mission-critical availability while reducing costs and maintaining flexibility for the future.

Provides mission-critical availability ensuring your critical IT functions – and your business – will be available and running as expected through power disruptions, fluctuations and outages.

The Liebert APS UPS adapts efficiently and effectively as the needs of your users and core business power requirements change. The UPS offers capacity on demand with FlexPower core modules – allowing you to change capacity in 5kVA/4.5kW increments up to 20kVA.

Liebert APS UPS Benefits

Product Brochure and Data Sheet

  • True on-line double conversion UPS
  • Transformer-free and transformer-based models
  • User installable, hot-swappable capacity and battery modules
  • Internal redundancy capability (N+2/20kVA)