Liebert GXT4-144VBATT - Battery Enclosure - GXT4 5000-6000


The Liebert GXT4-144VBATT is an external, rackmount battery cabinet that delivers extended runtime for Liebert GXT4-5000RT208 and Liebert GXT4-6000RT208 UPS systems. This spill-proof, lead-acid external battery has a capacity of 9 Ah. The 144V battery provides an output of 144V DC. Up to six GXT4-144VBATT external cabinets can be connected to a single Liebert GXT4 UPS system.
  • Battery enclosure
  • 12 x lead acid 9 Ah
  • 2U
  • for Liebert GXT3-5000RT208
  • GXT4-5000RT230
  • GXT4-6000RT208


One (1), 18 minutes back up

Two (2), 31 minutes back up

Three (3), 45 minutes back up

Four (4), 53 minutes back up

Five (5), 74 minutes back up

Six (6), 92 minutes back up


One (1), 14 minutes back up

Two (2), 25 minutes back up

Three (3), 36 minutes back up

Four (4), 46 minutes back up

Five (5), 53 minutes back up

Six (6), 71 minutes back up


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