Liebert Intellislot SNMP/Web Card - IS-WEBRT3N


Liebert Intellislot SNMP/Web Card - Remote management adapter - 10/100 Ethernet - for PSI-XR PS1000RT3, PS1500RT3, PS2200RT3, PS3000RT3

The Liebert IntelliSlot IS-WEBRT3 Card delivers enhanced communications and control to the Liebert PSI RT3 UPS. The cards employ an Ethernet network to monitor and manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications.


  • SNMP Communication Option:
  • Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card provides SNMP and web-based management to your Liebert PSI-XR.
  • Provides SNMP MIB to monitor and control your UPS from your network management station or any PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Network shutdown: Sends both SNMP traps and emails for event notification, and automatically emails a daily UPS history.
  • Auto-senses 10M/100M Ethernet
  • Compatible with shutdown software to ensure graceful computer shutdown


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