Liebert ITA2 8-10Kva Three Phase UPS


ITA2-10KRT208C (rack-mountable / external) - AC 208/220 V - 10 kW - 10000 VA - 3-phase - RS-232, USB - with Liebert Communications Card (IS-UNITY-DP)

ITA2-08KRT208C (rack-mountable / external) - AC 208/220 V - 7.2 kW - 8000 VA - 3-phase 4 Wire delta - RS-232, USB - with Liebert Communications Card (IS-UNITY-DP)

The Liebert ITA2 UPS offers economical, efficient and reliable three-phase power for critical loads under 10kVA. Use in a rackmount or tower configuration. This intelligent UPS has scalable battery runtimes, output distribution options, a high power factor and an optional maintenance bypass cabinet. It is easy to install and operate.



Online UPS, 8 and 10kVA, 208/220V

The Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS maintain the availability and the optimum state of the IT infrastructure. The double conversion online technology protects equipment from a wide range of disruptions including outages, undervoltage, surge and noise.  The Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS maintenance is made easy by the Power Assurance Package.  It also has a communication option provided by an Ethernet port compatible with HTTP protocol and remote monitoring.  With 8-10KVAcapacities, configured in rack or tower, the Liebert ITA2 includes:

  • Double conversion online technology that protects from outages and all kind of power supply disruptions.
  • Programmable UPS output terminals to cycle power to idle equipment or shed load during an outage
  •      Color Graphic LCD screen.
  • One three level PWM drive to improve efficiency and reliability.
  • High tolerance to dust and capable of working at a room temperature up to 50°C.
  • Communication card providing remote monitoring through a web browser and two open protocols (SNMP, Modbus/IP, or BACNet/IP)
  • Provides fast charge, reducing recharge time and extending battery life span.


With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), delivery of high-resolution content and other applications require IT equipment to be close to users and devices, which drives a demand increase at the edge of the network.  Liebert ITA2 provides the reliability and the management capability required by critical sites at the edge of the network.


The Vertiv Liebert ITA2 is ideal for protecting servers and routers, in open or rack configurations, in small offices, network cabinets and remote locations.  The Liebert ITA2 UPS can be installed in tower or rack and includes the hardware necessary for installation.


The Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS has a high tolerance to vibration, impact, dust and humidity.  This UPS can operate at a room temperature up to 50°C.


The Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS protect business critical equipment.  This online UPS continuously conditions power supply to eliminate disturbances.  When an outage occurs, it orderly transfers the power supply to the batteries, without interrupting the supply of power to the connected equipment. The integrated charger allows for a fast charge, reducing battery recharge time.  It also provides more backup time due to a daisy chain connection.


Vertiv is a leader in UPS Technology and offers a wide range of service solutions for easy UPS installation and maintenance. Vertiv offers maintenance and services comprehensive programs, as well asextended warranties for Liebert ITA2.


Thanks to the online protection and the remote management features, the Liebert ITA2 UPS reliably protects retail stores, governmental offices, universities, bank branches and other distributed IT facilities.  When a power outage can interrupt business, the Liebert ITA2 provides a reliable protection.

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