Vertiv SmartAisle™


The SmartAisle offering can increase efficiency and provide flexibility through row-based infrastructure for new and existing data centers. Simplified, modular design, and flexible configurations enable IT professionals to reduce equipment costs, optimize the use of existing infrastructure, free up stranded capacity and reduce energy consumption by up to 27 percent.


The SmartAisle offering is available in open or aisle-containment configurations. Most cost-effective in capacities of up to 400kW, up to 40 racks.

Ideally Suited For:

  • Small and medium data centers
  • High-density zones in all data centers
  • New or retrofit

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  • Reduces annual energy costs by up to 27% compared to conventional data center design, through high-efficiency power, precision cooling and row containment.
  • Increases availability with UPS systems that are among the most efficient in the industry.
  • Enhances management and planning, improves productivity and standardizes processes for equipment moves, additions and changes, with management and planning software..
  • Achieves equipment cost savings and extends existing infrastructure investments by using more efficient designs and technologies.
  • Saves up to 10% in capital expenditures by using technologies that help avoid expensive room upgrades to cooling systems, flooring and power management.
  • Simplifies design, implementation and reconfigurations, with standardized, integrated systems.
  • Ensures continuity of business operations with single-system startup, warranty, preventive maintenance and repair.
  • Utilize industry-leading service and support provided by local data center design experts.
  • Allows IT managers to free up stranded capacity and optimize space utilization, with data center planning and management software.
  • Ensures efficiency and availability with cooling equipment that operates to match changing IT loads.
  • Allows remote management and monitoring of power and cooling equipment, to protect against potential problems.



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